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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  March 26, 2011 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> good morning, everyone, on saturday, march 26. libya is not the only country that is on fire. violence rips law the middle east and the arab world. and now the u.s. is handed over control of the no-fly zone to nato but the u.s. military is still deeply involved. so what is going on? a live report moments away. and a muslim teacher asks for three weeks off to go on a pilgrimage and the school says "no way," she did not work there long enough and the department of justice is suing the school. what is up with that? >> states want to tax big corporations to fix their deficit instead of changing policy so now one big company, caterpillar, employs thousands of people, is ready to flee illinois. could this happen in your state? we continue right now with "fox and friends" this morning. >> welcome, everyone. you are watching "fox and
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friends" today. >> welcome to "fox and friends" on saturday morning. thank you for waking up with us. that is dave briggs and heather is here and i am clayton. >> lots going on today. >>dave: we start with new developments in libya where rebels have retaken the key town of ajdabiya after a fierce battle with muammar qaddafi forces and rick is live inside the town. what is the latest, rick? >>reporter: well, good morning, dave, we are on the edge of ajdabiya with fierce fighting this morning, in this location, and now muammar qaddafi's troops are 25 miles further west down the highway which we are told is littered with the bodies of muammar qaddafi troops. and this circle behind me, we were here a week ago on tuesday, two weeks ago, and muammar qaddafi jet dropped a bomb on a rebel position, just behind us,
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500 yards from us and the town was under heavy shelling and became under muammar qaddafi control while this morning we drove through town, and what we saw were dos of tanks, litering the northern side of the highway and the when edge of town, and a number of muammar qaddafi tanks have been destroyed, a number of buildings have been hit hard and we are seeing activity behind us and a live shell on that hillside, the guy was touching it. and the town is almost deserted, but, that said, people are starting on flow back in and they are excited about the possibility of moving back home, the town is 140,000, and we are hearing explosions up in the skies above us and i was told it could be r.p.g. fire and troops are 25 miles down the road so we should be a safe distance and the headline is that town back
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in rebel hands and they hope to push further west and continue this march back to tripoli. >> thank you, rick, please do us a favor and move away from the live shell. please? will you? >> okay, good idea. good idea. >> rick has been doing gustsy reporting. yesterday he told me that the rebel forces are in communication case with nato and helping target the airstrikes there, so fascinating report on the ground. >> and the guys who are the rebels, people are asking, who are the rebels? some of the relatives are just regular folks, guys who work in the cell phone shop or the deli, they are taking up arms and fighting back against muammar qaddafi. >> and there is a concern of a power vacuum being createssed if muammar qaddafi falls and president obama who could address and of that because he is going to speak to the nation, finally, on monday night, and
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maybe we are getting a preview this morning because the president releases the weekly across address and addresses some of the problem in libya. take a listen. >> we are succeeding in our mission, taken out libya's air defenses and muammar qaddafi's forces are no longer threatening to show no mercy, the forces have been pushed back. so make no mistake, because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided, and the lives of countless civilians, innocent men, women, and children, have been saved. >> he said the humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided. now now. what happens in the end if muammar qaddafi does not leave? he go after the people on the ground. >> and can you speak to the american people on monday and use terms like "military action," not calling it a "war," can he answer the questions that
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americans have? a poll just out suggests that americans are not necessarily behind the military action if libya because they ask, does libya pose a national security threat, 45 percent said "no," and 35 percent said yes and many feel that yemen and syria are two countries that do pose a threat to the united states and there is a lot of killing that is going on in those two countries. >> so, let us know what you think about what the president will say on monday night at fox& and if you are not supporting what is going on in libya, could you be convinced by what the president says? >> we will see. >> and now to the rest of the headlines this morning, a suspected cop killer behind bars in georgia, surrendering to police at the apartment where he was holding eight people hostage. the 33-year-old is accused in tuesday's shooting death of an officer christian after they
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stopped him to question him of a carjacking and the kidnapping and that is when hood allegedly shot him. the 34-year-old officer leaves behind a wife and two young children. >> experts of japan's failing nuclear site, fukushima, say that radiation has contaminated seawater along the coast near the complex, and radiation in that water now is more than 1,000 times the normal level and that could mean a potential ban on seafood exports from the area and the plant is causing problems, the ocean's water is causing problems for the plant. officials say dumping ocean water on the reactors leaving a salty residue causing corrosion, another problem there. the u.s. navy is now delivering fresh water to try to help cool the reactors. it goes on. all judge ordering a mental examination of michigan man accused of leave an explosive device outside a federal building in detroit last month. the judge says that he was
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influenced by behavior in court and the suspect claims he was a former president, and the governor of california. and last week a bomb squad destroyed the device at a city park and no one was hurt in that incident. >> police in peru say the suspected murder van der sloot is slying, and the laptop was turned off the night he killed a woman, contradicting claims he attack her after she read an e-mail on his laptop. these is awaiting trial for murder. and now rick and a check of the forecast. rick? >> it was a week ago today we were waking up after the nice 70-- degree day. remember? there you go. >> i remember it like it was last week. >> 26 in new york city, 17 in minneapolis, and cold across the northern tier and temperatures around 15 to 20 degrees below average and that will not
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change, unfortunately, for at least maybe a bit of a break next wednesday, thursday, and then it is cold again. and this is the story across the southeast: storms across tennessee, they will continue all day long and become more severe through the afternoon. and we have snow into the northern plains. california continuing on get pummeled and southern california is looking better and you will remain fine the next couple of days but in central california, and points north, heavy rain today, more heavy mountain snow, and we will continue to deal with that the next few days. this is the storm that will move across the east, the snow, snow toward st. louis and in kentucky and parts of southern kentucky and louisville and tomorrow afternoon, in and around the nation's capitol with rain to the south and a mixing of snow that does not make its way through the big cities of the northeast with the storm too far to the south. look at temperatures: 93 in san antonio. if you want warmth, it is there. it is way far to the south and dallas by tomorrow, you will
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cool down and memphis, 59 tomorrow, so, spring almost leaving across areas of the southeast. for sunday. guys? >> thank you. as you know, many stateses from california to texas facing massive budget deficits. afternoon. how will they solve it? many hope to raise taxes. and the state of illinois raising income tax by 66 percent and personal tax by 45 percent has major businesses talking about beating it. >> states are courting caterpillar. february member -- nebraska wants them, and texas wants them and oklahoma wants them. they are consideration it. >> c.e.o., the chairman of caterpillar saying, we may have to move. the company has been there since 1909 and the c.e.o. is saying, look, we will meet with the governor who has a problem on
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his hands. 23,000 jobs would up and leave because of the tax problem. he said i have to do well for my company and your state is not favorable to business he is saying and i cannot operate a company in good faith if the taxes are so high. all illinois has massive financial problems and i am from that state. individual income taxes have gone up by sick -- 60 percent and companies like g.e. ... they do not pay anything in federal taxes. unbelievable. >> so wisconsin from the beginning was courting illinois business and in new york they have a different way to solve problems. millionaires are stepping up and saying, we, perhaps, want to pay more taxes, 100 wealthy new yorkers calling themselves the new yorkers for fiscal fairness say we will pay more tax to help the state. how about that? >> and an actor says he will kick in more. all he said we don't want this
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to be saddled on the backs of the middle class and we need to pay our fair shake so we are willing to fill this problem, writing a letter to quote cuomo saying we will pay extra money. this speaks to the problems with the tax code if this country? >> give him credit he is putting his money where his mouth us, but rich hollywood guy is not speaking for the man who makes $200,000 with three kids and has to pay for schools, so it is a little different situation. but, will this work out? will the new yorkers unite, those that make more than $200,000 or $300,000 and get the state out of a jam? lot us know what you thing of that tactic. >> but that will not stop the government from raising taxes or new york state from raising taxes. >> coming up on the show we are dropping bombs on libya but the white house refusing to call it war. do mixed messages why there is
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[ male announcer ] save 30% on beach vacations at travelocity. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> welcome back to "fox and friends" on saturday morning. nato taking over the command of the no-fly zone in libya but the success not stepping aside completely. the white house still not calling the airstrikes in libya a war, so what is the overall end game? our chief political correspondent for the washington examiner is live from washington, dc, this morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >>clayton: why isn't the white house calling the assault on libya "a war." >>guest: they do not want to give it prominence and it has been called "tie limited scope limited," anything to avoid use
7:16 am
the word "war," and when the president speaks on monday he will not do it from the oval office, a way that would convey too much gravity, and he is trying to make clear that the united states is not going to war as it is in iraq or in afghanistan. really, trying to make that distinction. >>clayton: and this is not unprecedented, only five u.s. presidents have declared war officially and the war powers act prevents the president from doing that without the approval of congress, so this is in the unprecedented, the military advancements and assault. >>guest: that is correct but no one is really being fooled. there are a lot of questions, you have all of the united states ships, all of the united states planes, all of the united states military people involved, and when you say that nato will take over, that is true they will take over command, but there is still going to be u.s. command over nato and the big deal is, united states assets will still be playing the biggest role. a pentagon briefing yesterday,
7:17 am
they said the u.s. has done 60 percent of flights so far. >> and run by a u.s. admiral. and my question is on president obama's leadership in all of this in the armed conflicts. and this poll struck me as fascinating. strong and decisive, 17 percent think so. cautious and consulting, and 48 percent. the middle one, 48 percent think consultative, don't we want that? >> there is an effort to try to down play u.s. involvement in this although the united states is playing the biggest role in it. and there, the part about not calling it a war, the president not giving an address from the oval office when it happened, in latin america, on the trip, did not cancel that trip, this is an effort to down play the u.s.
7:18 am
role in this but they have not been able to hide the fact that the u.s. is by far the biggest player. >> i am glad you brought up latin america, and the president says he was in latin america because job is still the number one issue and we will not be thrown off by libya and the middle east, and looking ahead to 2012, what will be the most important issue, foreign policy facing the problem, libya and otherwise, or jobs? >> obviously if the election were held today, foreign policy would play a bigger role than a few weeks ago. but, it could be by 2012 that we're back to the issues that we have just had for the last few years which is, jobs and the economy and the president will be judged on the progress he has made. >> and the accumulation and that effect. >> coming up, democratic lawmakers pushing a bill that cuts the abstinence only education program but the u.s. has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in developed
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>>dave: and now, $2 million is how much a florida law firm is paying after messing up foreclosure documents. this is the first settlement of its kind and millions of faulty mortgages have been issued sin the fall. next, 16 d.w.i.'s this go has on his rap she'd. and the hair, too, all repeat offenses earning 99 your prison sentence.
7:23 am
and finally, $16.4 million is how much a ohio man charge on the monthly cable bill when he to not pay, they shut off the service leaving him with no way to watch march madness, and the company says the worker entered the wrong amount in the computer. you think? heather? >> glad that was a glitch. >> two democratic lawmakers are pushing to repeal funding for abstinence only programs on sex education, but the us has one of highest teen pregnancy rates in developed word. is this what is best for the kids? here for a fair and balanced debate executive director of the national abstinence association, and the national director of education initiative for planned parenthood. let me start with you, valerie, the u.s., one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the industrialized world, those who want to push this bill to defund the program say current law just
7:24 am
is in the working. what do you say? >>guest: well, actually, we see teen birth rates at lowest level in historic history rather than defunding an city fence education i think the research is confirming that we need to put a reemphasis on abstinence education. the education works. we have 22 studies showing the effectiveness. >> you say it as gone down, the teen rate has gone down, but, how about that? maybe this is working. >>guest: actually, there are clear studies that show that it is comprehensive sex education that works and the bill that is in congress simply shifts money from abstinence only programs to programs that teach abstinence as well as contraception and other topics which have been shown to help young people delay sex. now, we are not talking about billions but talking just $50 million a year.
7:25 am
when you ask parents about it, 83 percent of them, support abstinence education in schools and 17 percent oppose it. so if some parents want this, what is wrong with continuing it? >>guest: in this moment when we want money to go toward programs that work, i think parents would agree they want programs that actually help young people to abstain. and the way to help young people to abstain is not to withold critical and perhaps live saving information. >> however, let me ask valerie, we hear so much about sex, so much push, pressure, on young kids to have sex, tv and all that, perhaps this is an important counterbalance to the messages. >>guest: well, absolutely. abstinence education is a realistic approach, the cdc figures showed that most teens are not sexually active, and the important thing to note is that the trend date is moving continuously in the positive direction despite the sex
7:26 am
saturated culture young people are living. this is a cost savings. we know that the number one predictor for poverty is single parenting so if we can encourage young people to postpone sexual involvement that is a boon for our economy economically and physically, solely, and emotionally for the young people and the children born from that. >> a couple of seconds left, leslie? >> planned parent hood and 140 other medical organizations all support comprehensive sex education and oppose incomplete and abstinence only education. >> thank you, folks, we report, you decide. have a great saturday. dave? >> thank you so much. plans forced to land on their own because an air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. >> hate when you do that. >> and so you are aware, the
7:27 am
tower is ... not manned. we have made a few phone calls and no one is answering. >> so calm. >> the feds are adding more people to curb the problem but is that really a solution? >> and the american student convicted of murder back in an italian court today. what she does not want people to see coming up. >> and my favorite story of the morning, video of big foot, check this out, can it really be him? in north carolina? caught on tape. we report. you decide. that is next on the show. is that clayton in a milwaukee suit? introducing the thunderbolt by htc.
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7:32 am
>> that is the best. and of course talking about the air traffic control issue, the safety issue, here is the response. here is what they will do. this guy has been suspended. he has been suspended. anyone else, there is criticism great that, anyone else who fell asleep on the job when hundreds are likes are at risk would not be suspended but because this is the air traffic control's union he is not getting fired. >> add one more person. so now they want two people in the booth in the middle of the neat instead of one. is that the right solution? we asked the president of the institute for liberty and he says that is not exact the right solution for this problem. >> when you talk about national airport which get a handful of flights between midnight and 6:00 a.m. it does not make science to spend the money to put someone up this but from a safety more expectative you want
7:33 am
to people in the plane to make sure it lands and everyone is in control and they can look at the radar and do all of those things but what needs to happen in the case of washington, dc is to figure out why the department of homeland security, why the department department of defense, why reagan national airport police were not notified to go and check on the tower to make sure there was thought a more serious situation. putting another controller in the tower to act as a snooze guard is not the answer. >> we need to see how much they are working. >> he worked four days if a row on the overnight shift. >> but if that is your shift. >> but as you know, it is, it is not natural. the human body is not minute to be awake at those hours and someone writes, doesn't he get breaks and a lunch? who breaks him? is he allowed to step away for continue members? the idea of having someone else
7:34 am
there, i don't it is as black and white as we make it out to be, maybe you are accountable. you are accountable to one other person so say you are falling asleep and if i am in the tower, i say, wake up and talking about it, having conversation. >> you would say dan, a supervisor at reagan national airport, and he is a supervisor and they are trying to catch up with him and not so happy to speak. >> they will put him back on the job of the remember the air traffic controller in new york would let the kids guide in the plane he was put on desk duty for a year, full pay, and now brought back. >> let us know. >> this guy is back on the job guiding our planes. >> there is the e-mail address. and now, threats of another shut down in washington, congress can not get their act together on the budget and the money runs
7:35 am
out april 8th. peter. >> good morning, guys. we do know that the democrats and republicans are talking to each other, playing the blame game with two different written statements. schumer from new york saying the reason nothing has happened is republican leaders are scared of their freshmen members saying "after days of positive negotiations with significant flexibility shown by the speaker, the house republican heard is back to agonizing over what to give in to right-wing demands they abandon any compromise on their extreme cuts. the officer knows when it comes to avoiding the shutdown his problem is with the tea party, not democrats." so schumer thinks the tea party wants too many cuts and boehner is trying too hard to keep them happy, but the republicans
7:36 am
warped the other side they need to deal with the consequences if the government shuts down because if that happens it will be their fault and he says "house republicans continue to offer serious solution to get our fiscal house in order, but we cannot keep doing it alone if senators harry reid and schumer insist on shutting down the government to protect every last dollar of federal handing it is on their hands," and the dead line for a deal is the friday after next, april 8. guys? >> i am still asking the question, who gets a deal first? congress or the nfl? we do not have an answer. no one knows. thank you, peter. >> and now the rest of the headlines, new reports show that an indiana teen accused of shooting a classmate may have sent a everyone wagon facebook. there he is, he posted on the facebook page "today is the day." moments before he went to school
7:37 am
with a gun and shot a continue your old chance jackson in the stomach. he is in critical but stable condition. classmates the two were fighting. over a girl. >> authorities are searching for a missing mother of three this morning, and 25-year-old was reportedly kidnapped from outside an ohio bank where she was working as a janitor and two men forced her interest a car and the husband and the parents have been charged. no word on a possible motive. >> the city in california showing out $3,000 a week for a new spokesman. how would you like that job? the city just laid off half of the workforce, a week ago, much of the city outraged over the new hire not to mention how much they are getting paid. officials say they need a spokesman to improve communication with residents and to take care of the city's website. >> what is the mayor for?
7:38 am
what is the city council for? all hire a web guy. all new video from italy, for the appeals court trial when the court hears testimony from a man who saw her at the crime scene the night the roommate was murdered and the familiar hopes the judge will block a movie about their daughter from airing in italy and ordering that all the clips and images be pulled from the internet. >> and now, rick has a check of our cold weather. we are glad you are outside. >> it is cold were you can see your breath. everyone wants it done and it is not. it will not be done for a while and now, the temperatures as you wake up, 26 in new york, 25 in chicago, and 17 in minneapolis, and 29 in denver and lots of places with cold temperatures and down across the southern tier of the country, the southern two thirds, looking good, and 70 in dallas, and that is a nice day today, and
7:39 am
tomorrow the temperatures will not reach 70 and a cold front moves through, and now a look at the radar, storms down across parts of arkansas and heavy rain into tennessee and the northern part of mississippi and alabama this morning could cause localized flooding and as the day moves on the areas will continue to see the threat for more severe weather, including a potential for tornadoes, and the snow across nebraska and that will continue today and spread in across areas of missouri and across the west, more rain and more snow across central and northern california, heavy snow, today, again, and another 1' to 2' of snow tapering off tomorrow, and we will see the storm track that has been focused on california, and that will be more for cussed on oregon and washington, and, take a look where we have our advisories, winter weather advisory across california and winter weather advisories in the plains and st. louis will see
7:40 am
more snow. winter is not over for you. >> thank you. we have had a big foot sighting, and dave is skeptical but we will lay this out. on following this big creature across the road and they grabbed the criminal phone and you can hear the thing snarl and growl at them in the car. >> this supposedly smelled like between skunk and road kill. >> a lot of people have reported seeing these creatures, whether in arkansas, down in huckabee's territory, they stink, this is in shelby, north carolina, and they have a nickname called "nobby," and i had big foot in this studio and this morning, i looked up, and -- that was it,
7:41 am
hulking around. and i smelled that road kill and skunk combination. all clayton, wait a minute. >> it was just vito, one of our cameramen. >> you can make anyone look like big foot. again, a little skeptical. >> i don't know what a big foot is -- hoffmann, half ape? >> impetus on twitter, do you believe? >> i will tweet out the video and you can get open my side. >> the deadline to file taxes is approaching fast. but before you fill them out, there are some things you do not want do write off on your taxes. don't. don't. don't. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing?
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends", a couple of quick headlines, a wildfire forces 10,000 to loop their hopes in come has been contained, and the fire is outside denver where another wildfire sparked this week. >> reese wither spoon walking down the aisle ready to marry her boyfriend, celebrity agent, the wedding is happening at her ranch mansion in california with 100 guests this is her second marriage.
7:46 am
dave? >>dave: still waiting on our invites, reese. the deadline to file your taxes is rapidly approaching, but before you start digging through the receipts to figure out what you can duck, our next guest has a few items you should not consider deducting. >>clayton: a certified public accountant has great tips. moving expenses. we have moved quite a bit if this business and you think, maybe we can write some of them off, you move for work, but wax out, be careful. >>guest: well, you did it correctly. you have to move for work. but there are limitations with that because you have to move in 50 miles from your former residence for that to be deducted. it is only for employment. so, if you fall in love on facebook and move for that person, no. by the way, that relationship will not work anyway. >> and so you are also a public relationship expert. student loans i thought you
7:47 am
could deduct. but in some cases you cannot the. >> that is right. it has to be a bona fide student loan, so if you borrowed money from the guy in the pizza parlor, that does not count. that is the problem. but the thing is, again, everything is about limitations with the i.r.s., just not cart branch so you -- cart blanche, so, basically if you make up to $60,000 you can deduct, it is the interest, by the way, not the principle. not the principle. in the principle. it is already confusing. >>clayton: graduate school if you work do not deduct it and your home office, if it is not one, be careful about the home office. explain those. >>guest:s home office is total red flag. i have had people in the performing arts say well i sing if my living room, it does not matter. you have to have a real, real job, leak an author, even if you
7:48 am
sell snuggies, you could possibly deduct the bedroom with the inventory. >> and a door that locks to make sure it is a separate part of the house. >> if you are a dentist with an office in your home you can deduct that but it is really, really, a fine line were you have to prove that you work there. if you bring work at home, it does not count. >> and this is good stuff. also, do not write off your credit card debt. that is not a tax deduction. >>guest: but you can -- well, if the credit card debt has been disallowed, here is the trick, you have to pick up whatever was disallowed on your income tax because that is income to you so it is a double edge sword. you did not have enough to pay the credit card company and now you have to pay the i.r.s. and you cannot go back and use credit card money to pay the i.r.s. >> thank you, great information this morning, and tax day is not
7:49 am
too far away. thank you. >>dave: a muslim teacher asks for three weeks off for a pilgrimage and the school says no way she has only been open the job for nine months and the department of justice is suing the school. do they have a legitimate case? and, dave, the padded bikini top not just for grown women anymore, it is for little girls. eight years old. we report, you decide.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> a muslim teacher asked for three months to go on a pilgrimage and the school said
7:53 am
no way because she was only on the job for nine months and it was a crucial period of time where they sought. the department of justice is suing the school. do they have a case? a former federal prosecutor joins us with the answer. good morning, sir. let me point out, the teacher is not asking for paid leave, but asking for unpaid time off. that is very important fact. >>guest: that is important because they could file a substitute at no cost. but this is a political discussion and a legal discussion. politically, quickly you will see people saying this is wonderful the doj is vindicating religious freedom and others will say this is crazy, ridiculous, and i don't have a opinion on that. and now the law. under the civil right act of 1964, referred to as title 7, it says that the school must give a "reasonable" accommodation to religion. and a lot of experts including the former attorney general of
7:54 am
the united states, he said this case is very dubious and very weak. and the reason is that the teacher was at the end of the semester, presumably having taught the children all the way through and had no other math lab teacher, so another former doj lawyer from the civil right division in the bush administration said that no jury would conclude that a request for a three-week leave right at the end of the semester, is reasonable. so, that is two former doj lawyers. >> reasonable is the key word? >> and in law we have that all the time. >> she wanted to leave the kids in the lunch before school got out, a very important time. it is important to point out she wanted to go to haag. so she did not have to do it right then. >>guest: there is a footnote, the point was made and your point is the other strong point, you can go any time in your
7:55 am
life. but the islamic calendar is what they gauge it on and this is interesting, 11 days shorter than our calendar, and without getting into a huge discussion it would be nine years, believe it or not, behalf she could make the trip during a nonschool time which is august, so it backs up 10 days a year and she made the request for december, so, do the math as we like to say, and august, she can only go nine years later so her argument is, wait, come on i made the request and it is reasonable because i cannot go for nine years. >> our department of justice is backing her case. >> i did not see good things are for the lawsuit. back to my political observation, it is designed to have us sitting here talking about it and it will not go that far. that is my prediction. >>dave: stay tuned for that. >> the little girls are trying to turn a crumbling situation
7:56 am
around after a heartless thug stole girl scout cookies minute for our troops in iraq. >> and remember profits raging across the country when president bush started the war? silence. >> governor huckabee will join us with insight and take on the libya situation, as well, do not go anywhere. ♪ waiting, waiting
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> and a key battleground state is playing it up with the republican presidential hopefuls. >>clayton: marketing geared toward twe. -- tween girls, with breast feeding baby dolls and padded br axes. >> if you turn the channel, you are fired. i am donald trump. good morning, to you all. and a potential g.o.p. nominee, we have three others on the program this morning. can you believe that? leg are -- heather pick add great weekend to come, newt gingrich and huckabee --. >> you are not counting the first two hours of the show.
8:01 am
>> we were talking about big foot. >>clayton: we have a lot. if libya rebels are now back in control of one key oil town of ajdabiya after a battle with muammar qaddafi's firsts. and rick leventhal is live inside the town with conditions that keep changing by the moment. rick? >>reporter: good morning, clayton. we have moved away from the live shell on the western edge of ajdabiya and back on the northern side. we do hear gunfire and anti-aircraft fire off in the distance, and we are told that the reason we moved is muammar qaddafi's forces may have started coming back to way and we are in ten mile of the western edge of ajdabiya, unconfirm asked we heard from a couple of people with came from the west so we moved to the northern edge of town. the town is very quiet today. it has beennd muammar qaddafi control for two weeks now. and as the opposition fighters move in, to assess the
8:02 am
situation, it is not like they are opening stores or really, moving back in but they are thing checks out and a lot of buildings have been damaged and tanks have blasted holes in a lost walls and we have seen the disabled tanks across the city and a lot of bund out vehicles. the ground is littered with shells and the air is full of fire. ground fire. at this hour. but ajdabiya is back in rebel control. we can confirm that but, still, a tenuous situation. we have heard that muammar qaddafi forces are concentrated west of us between ajdabiya and tripoli and the eastern part of libya is firmly in opposition control. so they have made advances and they thank the nato forces, the fighter jets for taking out so many tanks so the reallies could push back and reclaim lost towns. >> you get the sense, and we know you have reported and break
8:03 am
the story on fox that nato forces working in conjunction with the rebels to do some coordinated attacks, do you get the science they are on the march and as the rebels advance nato will be right there to help on the mission on a march to tripoli? >>reporter: they have attempted that, this morning, we are told they pushed further west, and then were pushed back by muammar qaddafi troops so muammar qaddafi forces are still on the ground and still have firepower. they have been weakens, clearly, by the nato fire jets and we have seen two dozen tanks in ajdabiya, alone, completely destroyed by airstrikes. but, the fight continues, clearly. >> thank you, rick leventhal from ajdabiya. >> that is gutsy reporting. >> the president will address the libyan situation on monday because americans have so many questions about this mission.
8:04 am
is it a war? how long are we there? how long are we in charge? we have turned it over to nato it seems and the big question: are we going to allow the muammar qaddafi regime to remain in power if we leave in a month? >> that is a stated goal. nato taking control of the air prayings, but a lot of machines wonder, what happens with the rest? a lot of this is going on, on the ground and if muammar qaddafi stays if control it is not like he will go away and be a good guy, he will not stop attacking his occupy -- his own people. >> and the president obama is talking about the progress made if libya. take a listen to the radio address. >> we are succeeding in our nation taken out the air defenses of libya, muammar qaddafi's forces are for longer advancing across libya. and in places like benghazi, a city of 700,000 people, he threatened to show no mercy, the forces have pushed back.
8:05 am
so make no mistake: because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians have been saved. >>dave: that is the language we will hear "humanitarian disaster avoided." >> for now. for now. muammar qaddafi will not willingly go. >> but the point was made the march was happening and a reason why obama stepped in, we were seeing the can tass trough about to unfold and we had to do something, go in there and stop what was about, the bloodbath that muammar qaddafi said was to unfold in the town of benghazi so the international community had to do something. >>dave: absolutely. when will the u.s. be forced or when will the united states go into other cups? you can say sudan, hundreds of thousands have been murdered by their government over recent years and we are not doing
8:06 am
anything. >>clayton: is it a threat to our national security? is that why we go into a country? a poll shows in libya, a threat to our national security, and 45 percent saying, no, and 35 saying yes and 20 percent saying "unsure." >> the 45 percent say we should not get in situations if our national security is not threatened and perhaps it is in yemen and syria but stay tuned with this, more with gingrich and governor huckabee ahead. a four day manhunt for an alleged cop killer in georgia is over surrendering at apartment where he was allegedly holding eight hostages. the 33-year-old is accused of the shooting death of officer christian, he and another officer stopped hood to question him of a carjacking and kidnapping and christian was shot. experts at the failing nuclear site in japan say the radiation
8:07 am
has contaminated seawater along the coast and radiation in that water is more than 1,000 times the normal level and that could lead to a ban on seafood exports from the area. another problem, officials say dumping ocean water on the reactors has left a salty resolution too which is causing corrosion, now, and the u.s. navy delivering fresh water to help cool the reactors. the name of the air traffic controller who fell asleep on the job this week forcing two planes to land without cheerance at reagan national airport, now revealed. he is actually a supervisor at the tower. and he was on duty during the 9/11 attacks. in response to what happened the f.a.a. says they are requiring radar falls to help out air traffic controllers working alone at night by alerting them if a plane is approaching. how about that? you get an alert. a 14-year-old reunited with his
8:08 am
family after spending a cold night alone in phoenix's national forest. he was separated from another boy scout on a trip with the church and could not find his way back to camp. >> i kept trying to go back and i decided to stop because i figured i want going do make it so i stay flood for the night and figured later i would led toward the highway. >> it can get very cold in the dessert and the 14-year-old was spotted by helicopter taking part in the search. >> those are the headlines. >>clayton: and now a look at the forecast of the rick? >>dave: he seemed so calm. and here you go, radar showing rain across the south and a lot of gulf moisture so a chance for severe weather later on today. and warm to the south of this thunderstorms and the north is cold, so cold that across parts of nebraska it is snow, and some areas are 3" to 4" of slow moving to the southeast, throughout the day today, and
8:09 am
tomorrow. and across the west we have the snow across the higher elevations continuing to see the steady stream of moisture and it will shift to the north, and areas like oregon and washington will be seeing that tomorrow. and here is where we have the threat for the severe weather, areas of arkansas and louisiana and mississippi and alabama and georgia could see a threat for tornado this afternoon, with strong wind and damage rain and too much rain will cause flooding. guys? >> thank you. we will turn our attention, now, to a store that has in the past had a lot of controversy, you walk into the store and on the walls they have naked models on the wall, and they are not wearing clothes. they had quite a bit of controversy and now they have administrator controversy this morning because they are marketing push up bikini stops for 8-year-old girls online and they say they are for anywhere from eight to 14-year-old girls but this is a bit outrageous we
8:10 am
are shocked by the marketing that goes on, but this is probably a new low in terms of the pressure it puts on young girls especially the father of a young daughter. what do you think about this? e-mail us fox&, we want to hear from you. >> they are trying to get 8-year-old girls to think their body if a sexual way. >> what else? >> do you recall this as a young girl that kind of marketing? >> not at all. >> i don't recall this. but listen to this, a spanish company has decided to roll out a new baby doll that teaches little girls how to breast feed, five and six-year-old girls, take a look at this. the breast milk baby comes with a bra to strap on. >> here is what they do the little girl put on the bra and holds the doll and the doll sucks with its mouth.
8:11 am
>> the company is trying to explain this "the breast milk baby," part of good health. sharing the wonder and magic of motherhood. >> i have a young baby at home, and i have a 17 month old son at home, he finds it very interesting to feed a doll or feed his little brother but he does it with a bottle. but when the kid starts ... well ... >> latte -- let us know what you think of about this at fox& >>dave: when president george w. bush began the iraq war, antiwar protesters during the bush administration, boy did they hit the streets but now we are bombing libya, those protesters nowhere to be found, former governor huckabee
8:12 am
weighing in on that next. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with uce.
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8:15 am
test. >> we will bring home the troops in 16 months. we will get combat troops out of the iraq and the only troops that remain are those that have to protect u.s. bases and civilians. >>dave: our military is in iraq and afghanistan and now the u.s. troops are involved in a third conflict in libya, so where is the antiair movement
8:16 am
that was a huge force when just a moment w. bush was president. governor luck by -- huckabee is with us this morning, and he has a new book on the top ten new york best seller list. there is a libyan protest in washington, dc, scheduled, for later this afternoon. down there. but, you certainly recall during the iraq war, and i don't recall as many protesters during the afghanistan war but during iraq, hundreds and thousands of people flooding the streets and even going to crawford and protesting, where are the protesters? >>governor huckabee: we are finding out the antiwar movement is not an antiwar movement but antig.o.p. movement and that is what you see with a lot of organizations that show their true colors when someone of their own parties or their own political ideology does the same things they protested. there will be a light dusting of protests but will not see the
8:17 am
moment with a mother camps out or you will not see the news need i can't giving total around the clock attention for every protest they make. that is one of the things that drives professors, the more tension they get the more protests show up, the less attention they are not that interested. >>dave: but there is loads of criticism to the president from both sides on how he is handling the situation and a poll suggests he has not handled it the way the american prefer. what best describes president's leadership of the armed forces? 17 percent say strong, and 36 percent say in decisive, and the greatest portion of the these are "cautious." so, if you won the nomination, i am sure you have had a chance to think how you would handle this situation differently. what would you do? >>governor huckabee: we have to define a clear mission. if you go back to what weinberger and powell established, an element is to
8:18 am
define what the mission is. you have an understanding of an exit strategy. you asemble overwhelming force and the other part is, you have the support of the people membership. those are the elements that are critical. we have in the defined the mission in this case. we have a muddled mission. is it to get rid of muammar qaddafi? the president says he has to go. but he says the mission is not to get rid of it. what is it? >> when did it become a personality defect for a president to sit back and think, do we want to put american lives at risk? when is that a bad thing for a president to get consultations from a number of experts and say, now we go in. >>governor huckabee: sometimes the difference between deliberating and dithering is a matter of perception. but there is a difference and the distinction is, when you dib rate you are bringing in the best mines and making a decision but you make a decision and it is a cheer -- clear decision.
8:19 am
it is dithering when you say on one hand, but on the other hand, we want him out, but we are not sure we will take him out. that is dithering and that is what we have. >> we would never say you are dithering about your commitment or not commitment to running for the presidential nomination. >>governor huckabee: on one land or the other hand. >>dave: 19 percent of folks say you are the guy. does this encourage you, the republicans and the republican leaning independents want you to run. >>governor huckabee: it is encouraging. i am aware of that, and it is nice to see that since october all the polls have friended that way. but, when you look at it you say there is 19 percent, i am leading everyone, but, what is wrong with the other 81 percent? that is what i have to figure
8:20 am
out. >>clayton: thank you, governor, check him out tonight at 8:00 p.m. and check out the best selling book. >> and a great interview with bradly cooper tonight on his show, a favorite hollywood actor. and new details on van der sloot and why he lied about the motive in the death of a young woman. >> they were collecting cookies to send to the troops and the cookies were stolen but there is a silver lining. [ male announcer ] springtime belongs to the doers. those of us who know grass doesn't turn green just because the calendar says to. and that a big diffence can grow from a small budget. for those of us with grass on our sneakers... dirt on our jeans... and a lawn that's as healthy as our savings... the days are about to get a whole lot greener. ♪ more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of a day in the dirt
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8:23 am
>> good morning, everyone, welcome back to "fox and friends", this is the case of
8:24 am
would stole the cookies from the troop mom's car in oregon, collecting cookie donations to send the cookies to the troops in afghanistan. who doesn't love girl scout cookies? the boxes were loaded into a car, ready to be shipped overseas, but the car was stolen. cookies and all. and she joins us from portland and a girl scout from the troop. good morning, ladies. tell us what happened and what you are doing about it now? >> well, what happened my car was stole were, and in the trunk were four cases of cookies meant for the troops. >> you were spending a lot of time trying to sell the cookies, and send the cookies overseas. so the cookies are gone, what was your reaction when you found out? >>guest: well, i was really sad and disappointed. i certainly bet.
8:25 am
i understand that you and a lot of other girls in the troop wanted to kick in your allowances to buy more cookies to send overseas? >>guest: yes, that is true. >> that is sure a nice. how are the girls handling this? >>guest: well, very well, actually. initially they were first told of the theft, they were bummed out, they were sad, they wanted it know why someone would do this. and in a few minutes right away they jumped right back up and said what can we do to fix it and get the cookies to owe troops. >> what are you doing? >> well, we have, our sister troops throughout the nation are helping us out, they have donated cases of cookies to us, and we have people calling from across the country, ready to give us some money, to prepare some cookies, for the troops, and that is very exciting, and --. >> a lot of folks will want to
8:26 am
help out, tell us how you can. >> contact the girl scout office here in portland, and 503-957-6800. >> i understand also your brother-in-law is serving in afghanistan, and you have a cousin, ladies say a quick hello to them. >> hey there! >> great work. wait to keep your spirits up. don't let those thieves get you down. and get the cookies over. we know they will want them and need them. thank you very much for director guidance of the young girls and trinity, keep it up. >> thank you. have a great week. a number of top conservatives are in iowa today and one is mississippi governor barbour and g.e. earning billions and billions in period of times --
8:27 am
in profits and did not pay a dime in taxes. how can they get away with all of this? and her, -- cher and madonna, and now lindsay lohan has a name change. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to he of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement solutions for our military, veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurce... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa.
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8:31 am
>> it is comfortable here. you want to take off your shoes like when you get on an airplane. >> and make yourself feel right at home. take off your shoes, your coat, whatever. >>dave: you want you to be comfortable. >> thank you. >>clayton: and now g.e. and tax time, everyone is getting taxes ready, the biggest pain in the butt, trying to figure out what you owe the federal government. well, if you are g.e. you are probably not worried about tax time this year because they are not paying anything in taxes despite billions of dollars in profit. and from the follow business network, we looked on it. >> this is what i call nontaxation through extraordinary, aggressive
8:32 am
representation that has to be bought. by the way, corporate america buys with $4 billion a year, representation, they buy representation you and me and our fellow citizens cannot buy in washington. and the result is a tax system that permits g.e. to book its profits and leave them offshore and not what is called repatriate and bring them back to the united states. no matter where the profits are made. that is what is happening here. so if i got an offshore haven i would be thrown in jail. >>guest: that is why it is important to buy loopholes so you do not go to jail. >> the loopholes exist because of our federal government, association g.e. employs firm i.r.s. employees and lobbyists to get the hoop holes so it is good business be but if you are a small business in this country, it does pay the 35 percent corporate tax, you are
8:33 am
probably outraged to see that, that g.e. is getting back $3 million from the government. >> as we see states trying to make up their budget gaps, hiking corporate and individual tax rates. with regard to g.e. we are talking about federal taxes, but, regardless, we see a trend of tax rates going up as g.e. doesn't pay anything. >> and the federal government is trying to balance their budget and threats of a shutdown in washington if congress cannot agree, the money runs out april 8th. and now, live in washington with the detail on this. >> good morning, it has been a while since we have heard threats of a government shut down, but it is happening again because democrats and republics still have in the come to a deal on a budget for the rest of this fiscal year and the government runs out of money on april 8th. so, that is the deadline and it does not appear likely that democrats or the president want to sign off on the $61 billion worth of cuts that would pass by the republican-controlled house last month and the speaker of
8:34 am
the house of representatives said the reason talks have not gone anywhere is because democrats cannot get on the same page with other democrats. he said "many questions remain, starting with when it comes to cutting and spending, and keeping the government running, where are the washington democrats? if they have a plan, what is it? if democrat dozen not have a plan are they going to shut down the government because they cannot agree among themselves, the status quo is unacceptable and right now that is all washington democrats democrats e offering." and senator schumer says boehner is causing the problems because he feels obtained to the freshman class. he says "the speaker knows for avoiding a shutdown his problem is with the tea party, not democrats, and standard of labbing out at democrats in a knee-jerk way we hope the house republicans will stand up to the tea party and resume the negotiations that had seemed so full of compromise," so, for a shutdown to be avoided lawmakers
8:35 am
need to get become to washington from recess, and agree on something and go ahead and physically write up complicated legislation to get it through both louses and gets the president to sign it, all by april 8th which is the friday after next. guys? >> and congress moves efficiently, so should be in problem. >> and now headlines. fierce fighting in libya continues as mass protests spread throughout the entire region, and, in yemen, thousands of antigovernment protests hitting streets and the president there says he is willing to resign on his terms but the protesters want him out, now. and now, over to syria, another hotbed of resistance where hundreds arrested as government troops storm a rally, and syria releasing dozens of political prisoners and a bid to calmant government protesters.
8:36 am
and new reports show an indiana teen accused of shooting his classmate may have sent out a warning on facebook "today is the day," moments before the shooting and he went to school with a gun and shot a 15-year-old, chance jackson, in the stomach. he is in critical but stable condition. classmates say the two were fighting over a girl. and there are reports that officials may have known of the feud. police in peru say the suspected murderer van der sloot is lying, and his laptop when he allegedly killed the girl contradicting the claims that he attacked her after she read an e-mail on the computer about the connection to the fatly -- natalee holloway case.
8:37 am
>> there is madonna, opera and now lindsay lohan, possibly the next celebrity to drop her last name. the 24-year-old will go by "lindsay," and two others will change their name to keep their distance from an ex husband. >> that makes sense much and now risk who goes only by rick. >> maybe you can take rick lohan. >> i will stay out of jail. >> i don't know, rick lohan ... good morning, risk. >> and now the weather picture, cold across the northern tier of the country unfortunately, and very cool temperatures for so many. and people are saying no sign of spring, not at all, on facebook. and now a look at radar, eastern part of the country, the northeast is clear and cool, but
8:38 am
you see the showers firing across the northern parts of mississippi and alabama and georgia and into tennessee and they will see severe weather today, and across the west, a big storm, again, just continuing to see the series of storms across california pummeling them with rain and snow and not catching a break at all, and the forecast for the day today, severe weather across the south, and and of them could be in the form of tornadoes and wind and hail, and we will see sun in florida and miami, 85, and houston,86 and west texas will see records broken but on the western coast, all rain, and all snow. and look at the video from california, this is video from blue canyon, california, take a look. record breaking snow. all winter. and this last month has seen so much snow, some of the areas
8:39 am
have had 62' of snow. if you ski, you love that, so great spring skiing, as well. >> i saw the flowers popping up. springtime and now they have snow covering them. >> folks, where has patriotism gone? do kids know what the pledge of allegiance is? one parent says no, after her daughter asked her what the pledge of allegiance when it was on television. >> didn't you have to do it each morning part of the normal routine. every america. >> in most states they do say the pledge of allegiance and if a child does not want to be a part they can be silent. all we had a guest from the texas board of education and saying not learning the pledge is politically correct. the sad thing in our society is
8:40 am
it is politically correct to bash america, to think we as a society are causing problems in the world, and, instead of fostering the spirit of patriotism, and focusing on what unifies us instead of what decides us, we look at the principle of "out of many, one," that makes our nation great, we do have the diversity but we come together. >> folks talking about this, a lot of e-mails from pam in texas: i am third grade teacher and we say the pledge each morning. doesn't it at least bear responsibility for teaching things, that fall upon the family? >> and bruce, said i disagree the pledge of allegiance is required in order to in still patriotism. what other nations require some kind of pledge, to instill patriotism? are all the other cups in the world devoid of patriotism? perhaps a good point.
8:41 am
many have religious objections to the pledge of allegiance which is why it has been taken out of some schools. >> there are some out there but there was a woman in the new york area, because this is where it came from, who said, we have a diverse community and a diverse community, some people may not feel part or may feel singled out. >> that is their take. there have been problems overseas in european countries because of a lack of assimilation. >> let us know what you thing, you can weigh in on there and more. >> millions of couples struggling with infertility there is hope. for the husband's. for the husband's. guy friendly tips are next. ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably?
8:42 am
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8:45 am
>> good morning, happy saturday, everyone. infertility affects six million american couples each year. our next guest knows the struggle too well. the couple went through countless families to have a baby for seven years. and now he detailed the story in a new book to help men cope and to help men help their wives. >> what he can expect when she is in the specificking. and the author joins us. so, seven years, to try to have a baby. as we talked in the break it can destroy a marriage waiting. >> it makes or breaks a marriage. >> you were able to conceive on your own but you had previously a surrogate. how did you get through to that? >> my wife was amazing. i say in the book, you can separate the wife into doers or avoiders, hey a doer but many are debilitated and the husband
8:46 am
has to step in and try to find his place and what he can do and i made every mistake in the book and wrote the book to counter the mistakes. >> mistakes we will put open the screen. communicate is hard for men. >> communicate is hard for men especially at this time and infertility is lard for the woman and it is hard to know what she wants or needs if you do not open the lines of communication. that is the first step. >> and leave your ego at the door. explain. >> fertility cuts to the core of what it means to be a woman and a plan can feel threatened by doing all of this. so, you have to put it aside. it is a messy embarrassing endeavor and a man has to just go along with it. >> empathize, and you have written as a comedy writer and modern family did a thing on empathizing, for men to
8:47 am
communicate, we did not just need to talk but listen. >> empathy is great and i did not say sympathy because a woman does not want sympathy or pity but wants to feel like a man understands what she is going through. >> and this is an issue for both parts of the couple, it is not the woman's problem or the man's but you are going through it together. >> it affects mostly the woman, a female infertility but the man has to in the same way, saying "we're pregnant," we are suffering with infertility. >> you a tip is "share the burden." how do you as a husband or male mate share the burden? >> you are involved. you find what you can do. communicate. support and educate yourself. as a man, you can find out what to do with a consultation, find out the tip, and the book tries to cover everything if a way a man will understand and in a book he will want to read. >> if your partner is an avoider
8:48 am
the man in the relationship can be the person who is the doer. do the research. meet the doctors, find out what you need. >> for me it was finding a support group. she did not want to do it and that was my moment where i realized i could be helpful. >> and your dad is famous and wrote "breaking up is hard to do." and maybe he can do another song. >> we wrote a children's book together which i am happy to say for our kids, the end result, we have twins born through a surrogate and we had a kid naturally. >> a congratulations. thank you for helping us out there. thank you. >> coming up on the show mississippi governor joining us in moments from iowa out of the conference in des moines, one of several high from file conservatives on the show. and visiting the presidential battle ground state to say a few things to the crowd.
8:49 am
>> fire up the hotdogs, it may not feel warm enough but new researchers say they could be healthier for you than chicken. >> i eat anything right now.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
>>dave: from the war in afghanistan to u.s. intervention in libya, miss governor barbour is now in iowa with top 2012 g.o.p. contenders paving perhaps a road to the presidency. good morning, governor. >> good morning. >>dave: you have talked about many subjects in the last couple of days, two trips in iowa, one to new hampshire and made headlines for your opinion on
8:53 am
afghanistan. suggesting we have too many troops there, over 100,000, and perhaps we are spending too much money by your accounting, $2 billion a week. and the comments were called irresponsible and accused you of pandering to public opinion. how do you respond to the "weekly standard," editor. >>guest: in the united states we need to be very careful about nation building. we went to afghanistan it was to win the war on terror and we need to do whatever it takes and spend whatever it takes to win the war on terror but our mission in afghanistan appears to have gone way beyond eliminating the al qaeda, and eliminating the terrorists, and it appears we are involved in a mission of nation-building in afghanistan. if that is what the president thing we ought to do he needs to tell the american people that but if our mission is to eliminate the terrorists, we need to ask ourselves, do we need 100,000 american troops on ground when our own government
8:54 am
tells us there are only 100 al qaeda in afghanistan? do we need to spend $2 billion a week? we need to look back at this. >>dave: the fear is libya could become an afghanistan situation with mission creep. as you mention, as for the president's handling of libya you suggest the president is dithering and questions of leadership on the issue, you are at least feeling out the potential for running for president in 2012. if you were the commander in chief how would you have handled this situation differently in libya? >>guest: i am seriously thinking of running for president i will not decide until april. what concerned me about the dithering as we prepared to decide what to do in libya, it seemed to me that we were not leading, we were waiting to see what the u.n. wanted to do, waiting to see what 92 wanted to do, what the arab league wanted to do and the united states and
8:55 am
the world are better off when the united states leads, and, again, we need to be careful of libya about what is our mission there. why are we there? i look forward to hearing the president monday night on television, i hope he will reiterate and firmly say that we are not going do put troops on the group, we are not going beyond where we are but we will listen and see what he says and everyone can make their judgment based on the charity of the information we get about our mission in libya. >> and you said you will make your decision about running for president in april, you said, yesterday, in iowa, that the g.o.p. can win in 2012 if the focus is on policy. what do you thing of the current crop of candidate whose have suggested they will enter the race including newt gingrich whomming up on the president, and michelle bachmann. >>guest: they are all good friends of mine and i like every one of them, and i hoped most
8:56 am
of them, i low pressure all of them agree with me that the 2010 election was the repudiation of a president's policy in american history. the american people said obama's policies are hurting the economy, and keeping us from creating jobs, and we need to change policy. that is what i think the election in 2012 should be about, as well. >>dave: people wondering if you are off to new hampshire, does that noon you are in. thank you for being with us, governor barbour this morning. >>guest: thank you. >>dave: coming up, two planes land. blind. after an air traffic controller falls asleep in the tower and now the f.a.a. making some big changes but is it enough to make the skies safer or a bureaucratic band-aid. she is only continue but she is the c.e.o. of her own company. the secret to her success next hour. introducing the thunderbolt by htc.
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9:00 am
>> good morning everyone. welcome back, it is saturday, march the 26th. i'm heather in for alisyn camerota today. she's at disneyland today. >> disney world. >> serious news, rebt in libya take been a key city from gaddafi's forces as they take control over the no-fly zone. and rick leventhal moments away. >> a group of presidential hopefuls in iowa today and we spoke with haley barber and next newt gingrich what could happen in the key battle ground state and if he thinks that president obama is lacking leadership with regards to libya. >> here is a new idea to cut the deficit. tax how far you drive. one official thinks that your odometer could be used against you. could a mileage tax be on the way? "fox & friends" hour four
9:01 am
starts right now. >> this is ricky schroeder and you're watching "fox & friends." >> i missed that. that wasn't donald trump was it? >> that's not the donald. >> welcome to "fox & friends" and heather is in for alisyn camerota. get your e-mails and tweets in and we'll discuss what abercrombie & fitch is doing. 30 minutes on our show, selling those padded bikini tops to eight year olds. weigh in on that. let us know your thoughts. >> fierce fighting in libya continues as mounting protests spread through the mideast and the arab world. yemeni president says he is he' willing to resign, but wants it on his terms and protesters want him out now. and in the meantime, syria, anti-government protesters have burned the headquarters of the ruling baath party in the village of tafa, hundreds
9:02 am
gathering in the main square chanting for freedom. this comes after a government troops raided a pro it is rally near damascus and the syrian government pledged to release dozens of political prisoners to try to quiet down the riots. back at home a suspected cop killer is behind bars in athens, georgia. jamie hood arrested where he he was allegedly holding eight people hostage. he was accused in the shooting death of christian, christian and another officer stopped him to question about a carjacking and kidnapping when hood allegedly shot him. the 34-year-old police officer leaves behind a wife and a children. experts at japan's failing nuclear power plant in fukushima say the radiation has contaminated sea water along the coast of the complex and radiation in that water is more than 1,000 times the normal level and that could mean a potential ban on
9:03 am
seafood exports from the area. and the crippled plans is causing problems at sea and the ocean's water is causing problems at the plant and officials say dumping ocean water on the reactors left a salty residue and could cause corrosion. the u.s. navy using fresh water. a woman severely brain damaged during childbirth has been fronted temporary visitation. abby dorn can he see her four-year-old triplets for five days this summer at the whom where the parents are caring for her. >> and hoping that this ruling will pave the way that it's important for the children not only to have a relationship with her mom, but family. >> dorn's ex-husband says the mother's condition could have a harmful impact on their
9:04 am
children. how about that? we're learning more about the air traffic controller who fell asleep on duty and leaving two planes to land at reagan's international airport. and the supervisor, the supervisor at the tower was on duty the attacks at 9/11. in response to what happened, the f.a.a. is requiring radar facilities to help out air traffic contollers working alone at night and want to alert them if a plane is approaching. and these guys-- >> a little bit of a squawk box, just wake up. we could all use that. >> alarm clock. >> let's check with rick with a check of the forecast. >> and every time, for about two hours every morning. >> all right, rick. >> we've got the rain across parts of the southeast today and heavy rain across the west and snow in and around areas of nebraska, but that storm is going to have impacts across the ohio valley and move forward to tonight and tomorrow and see the snow in southern illinois, indiana,
9:05 am
kentucky, west virginia, virginia, maryland, the nation' capital by tomorrow afternoon and we still have winter to go and the southern side, quite a bit of rain, humid and warm and feels like spring across the south and to the north, obviously, to like spring at all. we have the winter weather advisories across the west and along with the snow we have the snow across nebraska, parts of missouri, st. louis, see two or three inches of snow. the southern side is where the there is severe weather today and anywhere you see the yellow. likely we'll see a couple of tornados and wind and hail damage across the northern parts of alabama and mississippi into georgia and people around this area must watch out for that. back to you. >> thanks so much, rick. coalition air strikes are pounding coalition targets in misurata, in libya. a town retaken by rebels following a fierce battle. >> and rick leventhal live in
9:06 am
ajdabiya. what is the latest with the the rebels? >> well, the town of ajdabiya, under gaddafi role in the past two weeks is firmly in control of the rebel fighters and pushed further west and taken the town of brega and they're moving cautiously because of fear of ambush, here in ajdabiya, it's littered with tanks, and buildings throughout the city shelled by gaddafi tanks and heavy artillery fire and the town has been abandoned and now comes to life as cars begin streaming in. rebel fighters shooting their weapons in the air, may hear horns honking and fire,
9:07 am
celebrity tiry fire. we went to the western gate which had been firmly held by gaddafi troops, a tank engulfed in flames and we're told that gaddafi forces were down the highway, ten to 25 miles down that road. the latest we can tell you, is ajdabiya is now in opposition fighter control and may be in the town of brega as well and the oil port city important to libya, guys. >> thanks so much, rick, stay staff there in ajdabiya. and we'll bring in the speaker of the house from des moines, iowa. good morning to you, mr. speaker. >> good morning. >> and what we'll talk about this morning, of course, we'll start with the situation in libya, which you called on friday nonsense and a mess. you have clearly are looking at the prospect of running for president. we have a chance to ask haley
9:08 am
barber this question, and mike huckabee who might run against you how they would handle the situation differently if they were the commander-in-chief. how would you have handled it differently? >> well, first of all, before march 3rd he i of would have sad let's not use direct forces, help the rebels win, but not use american forces. after march 3rd when the president said gaddafi must go, i would say we have to use american and allied air power and combine it with advisors and with air control teams from arab speaking countries, but our goal has to be to defeat gaddafi. what i think is nonsense is the president's constant indecision. for example, your report just now. that's not a no-fly zone, they're killing tanks, tanks don't fly, at least i've never soon a tank fly, they're trying to bring air power to bear against ground forces, it's not a humanitarian
9:09 am
mission, it's a mission to defeat gaddafi. >> even the secretary said any no-fly zone does not include aircraft that takes off, but includes anything that would fire on any forces or into the air. wouldn't tanks be a part of that. >> i've never before heard a no-fly zone include everything and if it includes everything, this is an air campaign to defeat gaddafi's army and we're going to destroy artillery, destroy tanks, we should be going after the supply trucks, if you look at any map of libya, there are very long roads in between those towns, they're very far apart and we should be destroying the logistics system and making it impossible for him to sustain power outside of tripoli. that's not a no-fly zone and i disagree with the secretary in his definition. >> you've been blamed in the press for the past few days saying things inconsistencies,
9:10 am
and doesn't is sort of underscore how the situation is, you've amended what you've said before about air power and no-fly zone and others said demand an intervention and in 180 degree terms we shouldn't demand an intervention? clarify some of those and underscore the changing problem on the ground that the president has to deal with. >> look, you ask me should we jump in the lake i'd say no. if you say gosh, we're already in the lake should we start swimming? i'd say yes. before march 3rd i thought we should not use american power. after march 3rd when the president said gaddafi must go, you have to use american power and then they said we're not going to use it to defeat gaddafi. this is nonsense. the only purpose of using american power is to defeat gaddafi, drive him out of office and have a new government and we still to this day has an administration utterly confused about what it's doing and i haven't heard the president come out and say, gaddafi must go.
9:11 am
what are we doing there? if all we're trying to do is the humanitarian zone that could go on for 20 years. >> mr. speaker let me ask you. >> drive gaddafi out of office. >> the president is giving a nationwide address on monday. what does he need to say to the american public and can he he get the american public-- should he get the american public on board if we're already stuck in this thing or not? >> you said the key thing, we're already stuck in this. the president should say, for reasons he believes essential for the united states not the arab league, not the united nations, but for the united states he concluded we need to defeat gaddafi, drive him out of power using allies and american and european air power and ask congress to provide a supplemental to pay for it because the pentagon cannot take this-- they're already fighting two wars, they can't take this out of their regular budget and he he should say i'm consulting and working with congress. that would be a fundamental
9:12 am
change for the clarity about purpose, willingness to be responsible for the money and willingness to work with the american congress not the arab league or the united nations. >> all right. there are also efforts to try to defund this in congress. we'll ask the former spooker about that. >> and also, yeah, he's up early with us and we'll have more with the former speaker of the house, set to talk to the freshmen house g.o.p. with the conflicts going on and see what he has to say to them as well. >> and get this, hotdogs may be healthier for you than chicken. at least for my kids. but how is that possible? our medical a-team takes a look at that burning question. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed.
9:13 am
mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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9:15 am
>> good morning, we're back and we're talking about libya and what's going on in the entire arab world. and we're talking with newt gingrich.
9:16 am
the guy from the cbo has a plan to balance the budget and wants to tax how far americans drive, seriously. should the government have access to your odometer? >> let's ask the former speaker of the house, i'm sure he has something to say. newt, so, driving in a car, have you drive a lot. you're taxed more than the grandma who goes to get milk once a week. >> you know, you have to work in washington to come up with an idea like this. the answer to balancing the budget, and i helped balance the budget for four straight years is to cut spending. >> we cut taxes to get to economic growth and need 4% unemployment. if you put all of those americans back to work, then, they leave unemployed. they'd leave food stamps, leave medicaid and pay taxes and begin to have jobs. and balance the budget. we do not need a tax increase, and the idea to have access to your odometer to see how much
9:17 am
you've driven, you'd be out of touch with the american people to propose something like that, i deeply oppose that. >> this would be in addition to the gas tax we already pay. i'm wondering is this maybe a back doorway to spur along the government and spur along more building, more infrastructure to try to push people to take public transportation? >> it could be. i have no idea why they had he' do it. i think it's a bureaucrat sitting in an office and probably took metro thinking of a new way to tax everybody else who drives. i think the american people would reject it totally, i'm opposed to tax increases. we do not have a problem with being undertaxed, we have a problem with being overspent and the way to do that, you tell the politicians, quit spending. >> this week, mr. speaker, you're going to be speaking with the freshmen in the house of representatives and a lot of new voices and voices even critical of house leadership. what are you going to talk to them about this week? >> well, i'm going to talk to them about the lessons of
9:18 am
1995-96 when they began to balance the budget. we reformed the welfare and began to cut taxes and suggest that they need to be bold and they need to appeal to the american people. i think there's a way to get obama care rehe peeled, but it requires the american people to get involved and i think we get the american people involved, we can change washington rapidly. >> mr. speaker, there's an effort going on in the house right now to defund the program in libya. what's going on there? where do you see that going? >> well, i would oppose at that. look, once the american president commits american troops, i think that we ought to try to help and make sure that our young men and women in uniform have the backing in congress, we don't want to see the people risking their lives. i think we can debate the policy with the president and over fairly rapidly unless the administration is really, really committed to being incompetent and no reason that gaddafi, and support those in the field and risking their
9:19 am
lives for you and me and don't need politicians squabbling behind them. >> absolutely, i think we can agree with that. mr. speaker, thank you for joining us on "fox & friends" and getting up there early and a busy day in des moines. >> take care. >> we'll mawait for a matter of weeks to decide if he's running for president in 2012. >> a break through in prostate cancer could cut deaths from the disease in after. our medical team will explain. >> and thousands of companies with cool zips, see these for your zipper, the ten-year-old girl, we'll talk with the ceo, live about the secret to her success. ke to do. i take care with vesicare, because i have better places to visit than just the bathroom. ( announcer ) once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle, and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks, day and night.
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9:23 am
>> it's a new twist on old treatment. the break through discovery in prostate cancer that could cut patient deaths in half. here to explain is the doctor from our medical a-team. a new technique for a break through on an old technique. >> this is the study published in lancet this week. patients were aggressive prostate cancer and treated with radiation. and looked at about 800 patients and followed them for about ten years, a good study. radiation alone, plus radiation and hormonal treatment. they reduced the testosterone in order to lower progression of the disease and found that the patients that got radiation plus the hormones, they lived longer, they had the 50% less chance of metastasize, spread of cancer
9:24 am
to the bone and some benefit. we talked about this in the past, some of these hormonal treatment when you lower the testosterone in men, you sort of the turn them into a menopausal woman. chest growth. hot flashes, they have a chance of osteoporosis or bone fracture. >> if you live not the way you intend. >> the side effects of this are less now because we're only using six months of hormones instead of two years, but i have the side effects of radiation and hormones. in my past and i've said and pendulum is shifting toward removal of the prostate and being able to cure the patient and if you have the cancer outside the prostate you can always use radiation after surgery, but it's difficult to do surgery after radiation. and that's really the recommendation. so, it is a good advancement. it's a great study for patients that have high risk and aggressive disease, we're using less number of amounts of hormones and hopefully that
9:25 am
will have some benefit with radiation. >> a bit of caution, that's the headline, 50% cut in fatalities and now a frank discussion about the hotdogs, i apologize for the horrible pun. there's a new study out there and these are great headlines and that hotdogs are perhaps healthier than chicken. explain this. >> all right. i get involved in the discussion a saturday morning and i want to have fun with it. look, i won't get into so much of this. we know that hotdogs, obviously, with increased the cholesterol and what they found in this something called something that some car sin gens that can cause cancer in the chicken skin. if you have chicken don't eat the skin because that can cause cancer. >> wait, wait, wait. chicken on the skin now i have to remove. >> now you have to remove it
9:26 am
and next week another study. >> okay. >> but, take home message from any of this is when you take, whether a hot dog or chicken and you barbecue it or charcoal it or use it in the oven increase the the risk of carcinogen, that's the type of message. we've said many, many times in the past that charcoal beef or barbecued chicken increases risk of colon cancer, stomach cancer, and others. >> i love chicken skins. >> moderation, that would help. >> all right, doctor, thank you for the information. a man accused of using an explosive package for a detroit building gets his day in court. what a judge decides. and a market for tween girls, from breast-feeding baby
9:27 am
dolls, to pubup bikini tops for girls. we report, you decide. >> and home depot gets your lawn tip top shape. we're back. ♪ [ folk pop ] [ man ] ♪ if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't hurt you ♪ ♪ and if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't desert you ♪ ♪ [ continues ] [ annocer ] when it comes to the things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto and home. call or click now for an agent or quote.
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9:31 am
>> it's so much fun that we're now making that moment available on this exclusive dvd. >> if you've seen american presidents, then get ready for america's funiest president not being able to open doors on dvd. you'll see your favorites, president obama. (laughter) >> president bush. ♪ >> and that's all we've got. >> that's it? >> i love that. what do you do in the moment. president bush handled it well. >> he did. >> and turns around and he's like, oh. >> and president bush banging on the door, like let me in. >> can you guys let me in? >> maybe not. >> all right, parents, this might fire you up this morning, and outrageous products marketed to your young girls. we start with our friends at abercrombie & fitch who are marketing and we call it the
9:32 am
ashley pushup triangle, a pushup bikini aimed at your eight-year-old. eight through 14 years old, guys. >> and they literally does say pushup triangle. >> pushing up an eight-year-o eight-year-old's chest. >> you walk on the store on the wall. i don't think they have photos of models in clothing, they are he' half naked on the walls and they don't market clothing so this is outrageous and we have a couple, a lot of people writing on this topic and i think we have some e-mails. >> is abercrombie trying to do this to get attention and. >> we've got other stuff, a company brought out the breast milk baby, it's a spanish toy company, but a doll aimed at kids to teach them about the wonders of breast-feeding.
9:33 am
do not buy that for my daughter. if you were thinking about it, buy it for my eight month old son to make sure he's aware of breast-feeding. >> writes in and says we're not letting our children be children, they go through development ages and no wonder we have girls at 14 and sometimes younger who are getting pregnant. >> wow, and on the other story, rosemary from ohio the problem isn't with abercrombie it's with the moms willing to put the little girls into these pafting suits. >> that's a point. the how are they going to order it and buy it at eight years old, the the parents buy it for them. >> and a tweet from dave overseas, girls don't need to learn how to breast-feed until they're women and become moms. breast-feeding baby doll is just too weird. >> and the eight-year-old, the store buyer and marketer behind it should be fired. and horse fly 1013 wrote me on
9:34 am
twitter all they wanted was free advertising, and they got it. i don't know, they have people highly outraged about it and might not go there again. let us know what you think, >> some of the biggest names in the republican party, gathering for the conference, so many 0 jokes in that segue and glad we avoided all of them. >> i'll get one in. >> and the presidential g.o.p. nominees. >> carl cameron who came from abercrombie & fitch joins us live from iowa, good morning, carl. >> reporter: i'm not going there. and we're talking presidential politics and not fashion and certainly not that last story. good morning, folks. the 2012 flag is up. this is a call taking place in iowa throughout the entire day, as a matter of fact. there will be five candidates and perhaps additional one will appear by skype. rick santorum had to cancel because of family medical emergency.
9:35 am
and it's a big deal. this is a conference, staking out the important issues to help the republicans decide who the nominee is. the first appearance at any of these cattle calls from haley barbour and i ran into him and newt gingrich. and asked him specifically what he thought the criteria for the g.o.p. nomination should be. listen to this. >> i am a person who is conservative on fiscal policy, economic policy, social issues and foreign policies. i'm a reaganite. and worked for ronald reagan for two years and the public needs to judge all of this and i don't think there's some reporter question of how it fits in the box. it's not about boxes. this is about people's confidence in somebody as a leader. >> that reporter question, the
9:36 am
governor of mississippi shot at even asking him. he'll not going to a new hampshire on monday because of state and legislative budget problems back in the home state of mississippi. and barbour expect they'll get the public resolved in the next couple of weeks and allow him to stay on the table and explore it seriously by the end of the month and barbour faces a field of as many as perhaps 15 candidates, but only five or six here today as the iowa caucus campaign begins in earnest to get underway. >> all right, carl cameron in iowa hearing a lot of names and pretty soon we'll be hearing who is running. >> thanks to carl. and it's crazy, the field, michelle bachman, probably, too, and haley barbour and pawlenty, and-- >> it's a crowded field, but late entries in the game for sure. it will be interesting. >> let's go to some of our headlines today. a judge is ordering a mental examination for gary
9:37 am
mccoolism, a michigan man accused of leaving an explosive twice outside of a federal building, the judge was-- the suspect claims he was the to former president and governor of california. last week, a bomb squad destroyed the device at a city park and no one was hurt in that incident. new video of amanda knox arriving to her appeals trial in italy today. we're learning that a key prosecution witness has just given conflicting reports allegedly seeing knox near the crime scene. the witness, a homeless man claims to have seen knox and her boyfriend near the house. and a 26 year sentence for the 2007 murder. who stole the cookies from one girl scout troop. group of girl scouts was collecting donations to send to afghanistan. a mom of one of the scouts had
9:38 am
the car stolen including the cookies inside it. earlier on "fox & friends," the mom told us how the girls coped with the the news. >> initially when they were first told of the theft, they were bummed out, they were sad. wanted to know why someone would do this and then, within a few minutes, right away they jumped right back up and said, okay, well, what can we do to fix it and get those cookies to our troops. >> and the scouts. and the men and women serving overseas will still get the cookies, thanks to donations from other girl scouts all around the u.s. they're based in portland, if you want to help, check them out there. >> let's get it outside to rick reichmuth and did you know that they make girl scout cookie ice scream. outstanding, ooh. >> which flavor. >> samoa, thin mint, all of them. >> speaking my language. >> and johnson city, tennessee. >> all right, tennessee represented here today.
9:39 am
>> and getting a little bit of rain in tennessee. take a look at the map. not that bad to the south and a cold front moves through there. move forward, take a look at the salt radar picture and see the showers across much of the southern half of tennessee, the northern tier of mississippi, alabama, georgia and maybe snow moving in. across the west the other story and heavy rain and snow across central and northern california. by tomorrow, that is going to migrate farther north. northern california, oregon and washingtons and i think we're going to dry things out a little bit around san francisco and eventually by monday we'll see more sunshine around lake tahoe as well. moving forward, looking for the forecast today. we have warm temperatures across much of the south and mid 80's in florida and mid to upper 80's across much of texas, and the records broken today. be careful for some severe weather across the south though. all right, clayton and everybody. >> thanks, rick. you wouldn't know it by looking outside, it doesn't feel like spring at all, but
9:40 am
it is. mike cartozza here from home depot how to get the back yard ready for summer. it's going from cold to warm. >> it did happen. spring happened in other parts of the country, it's not here yet. >> it doesn't feel like it here. you have some great tools. a lot of things if you walk into your garage at home. like 80 different tools to do multiple jobs. now, echo has come up with a great product and lets you use basically one tool to do all of the things. >> it's a cool thing. the pro attachment series. you buy a power store or head as they call it and all the other attachments attach to it and basically turns them into all the other items and you can create an arsenal of outdoor power equipment and save yourself money and storage space like you mentioned and the cool thing about this, if you're a new home owner and you really don't know what you need. because you've never done a lot of yardwork. >> right. >> you may know, i want a blower and a trimmer and beyond that you're not sure.
9:41 am
you can start with those, as your needs change and develop, you can add all of the other things to it and again, you're adding to the same thing and may take one piece of equipment and you can do all of these things with it. >> here is whahat i love about it, because i had, you get the power cards outside and the power cords. a 50 foot power cards after the blower and trim are and all that and no, this is gas power and don't have to worry about the cords and run back down to the back yard. you've got the gas power. >> and the way they attach. they attach simply and no tools involved. >> this is a trimmer. >> this is a curve shaft trimmer much like a vacuum extension and it locks in plains, no tools involved, a quick change and let me tell you what's involved in the choices. >> okay. >> there's a curve shaft and a state shaft trimmer and people are something, they basically do the same thing and a the lot of people find the curved
9:42 am
ones simpler, you don't have to hold it as high. the straight shaft is nice it extends and get underneath decks and shrubs and do the same thing. and then we have the blower, you mentioned that earlier and an edger. >> now, my dad would do the edging once every month like that and used it drive me nuts. you know, he'd get out there and sparks flying all over the place and nice straight line down the sidewalk. >> if you've done this. the first home i bought. i never did the edging, it can't make that much of a difference. once you do that, it makes a strong statement and looks great. all of these are available in the stores and this i had and these connections, these are available in our stores. as you know, the store is a physical space and thousands of items and you can only fix so much. if you go to home you can get the 14 other attachments. >> and check out home and order additional things for cutting down
9:43 am
branches and mulching the yard and saplings, a cultivator for the garden, things for the shrubs and trees and saves you a done of money. >> we're going to get mike cartozza, a coat. one thing they don't carry at whom depot. check it out, home and we'll talk to dave and me they are, nice and warm inside. >> thank you. >> well, a four-year-old girl sent to guatemala by the u.s. government even though she's an american citizen, her parents want her back, but they're illegal immigrants. who should win? does parenting win or policy win? judge janine pirro is on the case. >> remember when breath michaels smashed his head into a set piece, if not, there you go. >> and may have caused a brain hemorrhage and he's not holding back in the blame. that's coming up. [ male announcer ] springtime belongs to the doers.
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9:47 am
. >> good morning and happy saturday everyone. we're talking about a pretty controversial topic here and want it hear how you weigh in on this one. four-year-old emily ruiz was travelling with her grandfather to washington d.c., back through washington d.c. and she ended up getting deported to guatemala. the problem, she's an american city, she lives in the new york area, but her parents are illegal immigrants so this little girl was born in the united states and her parents are illegal. why did she get deported from our country in the first place? >> let's ask. judge janine pirro anchor of justice on the fox news channel. >> this family is on the front lines after heated immigration debate and this is the intersection of parental rights versus the rights of parents to have access to their children and then the united states trying to enforce its own immigration
9:48 am
laws. the bottom line, she's four years old she was born here, but born to illegal parents. some people pejoratively call them anchor babies, meaning she's a citizen under the amendment. and your grandpa has a work visa that apparently is expired and a few decades ago we arrested him for illegal entry, therefore what do we do with the kid. she's a citizen entitled to be here and grandpa is bringing in. they get on the phone and call the illegal parents according to border patrol, come and get your daughter or send her to the state of virginia, we can't baby sit her while you come from new york or virginia or send her back to guatemala with grandpa. how do parents say they didn't give us a chance to get our daughter they told us they were going to put her in custody in virginia. but this is the problem. you've got the child who is a citizen, parents are illegals, makes sense they didn't want to show up for fear they'd be
9:49 am
deported, grandpa is sent back. so, we're in a conundrum that we're going to be faced with unless we finally have some kind of border protection to stop people from coming into the country and delivering babies and quote, the anchor that allows everyone else to come in. >> and the taxpayers are footing the bill for the detention center as well. >> we're paying the bill till this kid is-- we paid for education, medication, hospitalization, but the 14th amendment and there are people looking at it saying now what, we've got to change it. it was intended in the days of slavery and it's very different now. but there's no question people are coming here to deliver their children so that they can reap the benefits of the american system. >> no question about that. catch the judge tonight and looking at who are the libyan rebels and we should be siding with these people. >> right, and the illegals coming over dressed as marines.
9:50 am
>> looking forward to that. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, only ten, but the ceo of her own $500,000 business. anna next how she's become so successful. and the judge shrugs, she can't believe it. your dog's healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics up to 1.8 healthy years. long live your buddy. [ laughs ] oh, max. long live your dog. purina dog chow. double dog dare you to try better-tasting than ever purina dog chow. we know your dog will love it. twenty-five thousand mornings, give or take, is all we humans get. we spend them on treadmills. we spend them in traffic. and if we get lucky, really lucky, it dawns on us to go spend them in a world where a sile sunrise can still be magic.
9:51 am
twenty-five thousand mornings. make sure some of them are pure michigan. your trip begins at
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9:53 am
>> fox news alert. you're looking live at the scene in london and thousands are gathering for a massive rally and the deep spending cuts. bret michaels, meanwhile, tony awards accident has come back to haunt cbs almost two years later. remember when he was hit by a piece of scenery, michaels is now suing the network and organizers of the tonies and says it contributed to his brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him. heather. >> and what started as a crafty idea turned into a huge
9:54 am
business for and in an altman and she made it before it was in middle school. she's a ten-year-old and ceo of her own company and her mom helped her launch her own website and making a name for herself in the entrepreneurial world. she's ceo of hannah's cool and here with mom lauren, a co-founder of cool good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> tell me how you got into this business. >> well, originally, i had planned on making a zipper pull for my husband's sweater and i'm not crafty, but one idea i had one day. and hannah overheard me, we were at the kitchen table and said let's make a business out of this. and you know, lo and behold that's what happened and we said, well, if we were to do a business what would you name it? she came one cool zip. >> how did you come up with the product ideas. you do more than zippers, you make other things as well. >> well, we, we, yeah, or
9:55 am
products for school supplies, like our pencil toppers and japanese erasers and also have rascals, which are fun little eye popper toys, so we pretty much, we sell all different types of products. >> i understand that your mom and dad, both quit their jobs and they work for you. so you are the boss. what's it like bossing your parents around? >> it's fun 'cause you never get to do it, but it's fun because it's a family business, so, i like that. >> nice and he you get to spend more time together. lauren, any advice for budding entrepreneurs out there? >> yeah, you know, if you see something that's exciting, you know, don't stop from stepping out of the box, out of your comfort zone. go for it. you know, investigate it first a little bit, but think if it's something that interests you and you want to do that, try to make that happen. you never know, it's endless
9:56 am
possibilities. >> and hannah, what do you hope to do some day. what are your long-term goals? >> i probably want to-- really carry the business out when i am older and that can probably be my full-time job when i'm older, too. >> way to go, ladies. >> hannah and mother lauren altman out of michigan. hannah's cool products. have a great weekend. more "fox & friends" in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> be right back. ? campbell's healthy request can help. ? low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do.
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veterans and their families. from investments... to life insurce... to health care options. learn more with our free usaa retirement guide. call 877-242-usaa. what super fruit is taking sunsweet ones.orm? prunes? they're a delicious source of nutrients. wow! it's packaged by itself... that's fantastic! that is so juicy. this is delicious. sunsweet ones. over 400 million enjoyed, and counting. . >> welcome back to "fox & friends." thank you for joining you gos, we have a brand new twitter account just for the "fox & friends" team on the weekend. ff weekend on twitter so if you're on twitter please join us there and it will only be for us. it's our own private time. >> or find clayton myself and rick individually as well and thanks to heather for being


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